Chonse the right option:

1. That two
for lunch today.
a) apples b) apple
c) apples

2. I was scared because joho brought 2
to school
a) knifes
b) knive
c) knives
a) fryes ) frys

3. My favounte MacDo meal is a Big Mac with
than females.
4 In my family there are more
a) mails
b) males
c) malls
a) ships
5. New Zealand has a lot of
c) she'p
b) sheeps
a) flys
6. There are many
b) flies
c) flyes
7. We always have
for dinner.
a) polators b) polatos c) potato
a) fishes
b) fishs
c) fish
8. We caught a lot of
9. My mother is afraid of
a) mice
b) mouse c) mouths
a) mans
b) man
c) men
10. It is mly for
a) children b) childs
c) chills
11. In my class there are many
12. Do you know where my
a) keyes
b) keys
c) kele's
13. There were 12
in the tray.
b) egs
a) egges
They are so funny to watch.
a) monkies b) monkeys c) monkeves
15. You have lips like
a) cherryes b) cherries c) cheerys
e 29
a) tooths
b) teches
c) teeth​