1. Assinale as sentenças nas quais o advérbio de frequência está corretamente posicionado, a) Mary sometimes does housework on Saturdays.

b) Peter is never late for dinner. c) Mary takes often the dog for a walk.

d) They hardly ever have a heavy meal in the evening. e) Mary always reads the newspapers at some time during the weekend.

Peter brings Mary usually a cup of tea in bed. g) They usually don't have breakfast.

2. As an American Express Card member, you will enjoy a relationship with us that goes beyond the ordinary. You will be treated as a MEMBER, not a number. And you will receive the respect and recognition 'seldom' found today.

O termo seldom, entre aspas no trecho adiante, poderia ser substituído por:

a) often b) usually

c) always

d) occasionally

e) rarely

3. The sun

a) sometimes

b) often c) always

d) never e) usually

rises in the west.​